Monday, March 29, 2010

If you were responsible for producing the next revolutionary technology, what would it be? How would you use Clockspot to help your endeavor?

Technology is pretty cool right? Well, who sits around and thinks about what should be invented next? I do actually. I have pondered when the first flying car will emerge from the hidden depths of the mad scientist caverns and/or basements. We really should analyze if it would be productive to have flying cars. Would they be manageable? If it were up to me I would develop a car that would fly and it would be somewhat of a replica of what was going on in Back to the future II.
I know everyone has seen that movie. There would be a lot traffic on the city streets. Just because I invent it doesn't warrant that I would be obligated to use it right? Personally, I would hire a bunch of people that are smarter than a 5th grader and see what they could produce based on my detailed and specific instructions.
In order to make sure that I kept decent employees and my employess kept decent I would have to use to ensure that all disorder and chaos around the workplace was subdued at all times. <-----(185 words right here)
I know people do what ever they can get away with and I want to make sure that these employees are paid generously, show up on time, and build my special flying car. I will make sure that nobody steals my ideas and tries to incorporate these ideas into their own "work of art" per say. I take pride in my creations and whom devoted time to creating my dream of the first flying car.<---(260 words right here)
The car would be the first of its kind and I would hide the blueprints forever to prevent the manufacturing overload that it would cause because everyone would want one. With the help of and also of my extremely trustworthy prospects creating the flying car .. all should be well and I should be a millionaire in minutes. (300 plus words)

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